About Kris

"No life is perfect. But I do believe this life we all share is quite amazing, no matter what your path. I look forward to seeing this amazing life through the eyes of your child, sharing in the laughter, the wonder, the tears, the challenges and all the rewards it will bring to all of us as a family. My hope is that Robert and I will be given the opportunity to provide a secure, loving and welcoming home to a little soul who deserves the world."

A couple of times a year, Kris and Robert head out to the closest body of water and go kayaking. Here's Kris taking a rest in the middle of a 12-mile kayaking trek.

Kris has a passion for the arts and loves to visit museums when vacationing. 

Kris owns her own business, and works from home. Working from home allows for flexibility and the ability to visit Tempe's school for almost every event, or even pick her up early for a bit of mom and daughter fun.

Kris practices yoga poses a couple of times a week and also walks a lot with her dogs. 

Kris calls her dogs "her little heartbeats." Here she is pictured with Fred the beagle (who is wearing his skull and crossbones sweater), Chalky the Parson russell terrier and Wellington, the Lab.

Kris majored in English Literature in college. She still celebrates Shakespeare every year at Shakespeare in the Park. On this evening, it had been raining pretty heavily but that didn't stop us!

Is there anything sillier than Chuck Norris? Kris and Robert discovered this car in the parking lot at Target. We just had to get a picture.

Robert talked Kris into going to the FBI range one day. Although reluctant, Kris had a blast shooting this  MP5 ... you'll not see that again any time soon!
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