Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter, Ya'll

Yesterday was Easter and it just happened to be a beautiful day. So we celebrated with, what else, an Easter egg hunt!

Our daughter woke up to a message from E.B., who had apparently raided our fridge and hidden the eggs she dyed the day before. (What is the deal with the bunny hiding the eggs anyway?) She had just gotten the art easel for her birthday last week so the Bunny did well tying it all together.

Easter wouldn't be complete without an Easter basket! Our own little bunny loved hers. It was full of sweets, bubbles, chalk and dry erase pens for her easel. How did E.B. know we needed those? Oh, and a frisbee, which we soon played in the backyard along with the bubbles.

After the basket, we headed out front for our Easter egg hunt extravaganza.

And after all 12 eggs were found, we headed in for a simple breakfast of cereal, fruit ... and you guessed it, eggs! We spent the entire day together, drawing on the easel, playing outside (it was sunny and beautiful), and making dinner. We rounded up the evening around the TV to watch The Great British Baking Show, which we've grown to love. Only a few more episodes to go!

We hope next year the Easter egg hunt will be a little more grand with a little brother or sister ...

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