About Robert

"I was born and raised in England, where my Father told me of his adventures and travels in the United States, a land of opportunity. I have had a wonderful journey through life, with the honor to serve in America's Armed Forces.  Now I would love the chance to share my adventures and travels with your child.  So I ask for the opportunity to be a Father myself."

Robert got to travel to NASA for one of his jobs. Here he is in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building, where the space shuttle used to be assembled (before the space program came to an end).

As we might have mentioned (a few times), we love to travel. Every year for our anniversary, we take a four-day trip to a city in the United States. We usually dress up on one of the nights and go out to a fancy dinner. Robert was just ready to go out to the Union Oyster House in Boston.

Robert plays goalkeeper on an adult soccer league during the summertime. He's pictured here in green after a great season. Boy do they look battered!!

And here he is in goal, at the ready to make a world-class save for his team.

A few years ago, Robert discovered The Avett Brothers. Here he is at Churchill downs getting ready for the show!

We discovered a bouldering place one day and went with our nieces. Bouldering is done without a harness so after climbing about 20 feet into the air, Robert had to fall backwards onto a padded floor.

Kris' parents love Robert because he has a large presence and a huge heart. When he's visiting, he can often be found in the kitchen talking to Kris' mom and dad.

Robert works for the FBI. Here he is pictured with one of his students.

And sometimes he even gets to sneak his nephew on the range with him.
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