Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a Tea Cozy Can Teach You About Life

So I mentioned Robert was born and raised in England, right! Yep. He flew over to America at the age of 19 and joined the Air Force. Other than frequent visits across the pond, he's never looked back - and is now an American citizen. He still carries some of the old traditions with him, though. And one of those traditions is tea. More specifically, P.G. Tips.

When I met Robert, I was not a regular tea drinker. Sure, I'd brew up some decaffeinated Lipton and serve it on ice with lemon or occasionally sip Tazo tea at Starbucks but I had no idea what a ritual drinking tea really is until I met Robert. He came complete with kettle, pot and tea cozy. That was seven years ago and we're still using the same tea pot and tea cozy, although we had to finally replace the kettle during Christmas.

Just a few days ago, I was making a pot of homemade thai curry soup stock on the stove. I had ground up peppers, lemongrass, ginger, garlic and some other spices, including turmeric. After I made the soup, I realized the lemongrass was simply too chunky to eat. So I pulled out the blender, poured the soup in and turned it on. Off popped the lid. Soup went flying everywhere - on the wall, on the floor, on the rug, on me and, unfortunately, on the tea cozy. The turmeric in the soup stained everything a dark mustardy yellow. Everything survived but the cozy. I washed it but the yellow didn't budge one bit. Still, I didn't get rid of it because, frankly, it's the only cozy I have.

Randomly enough, we received a package in the mail today from Robert's mum, straight from England. I opened it up. Lo and behold, it was a lovely new tea cozy. She said she ran across it in a shop and thought we'd like it. I happily walked over to the old cozy and popped it off the tea pot. Now, the tea pot is adorned with a lovely, brand-new tea cozy that will assuredly last another seven years.

You know, sometimes life hands you just what you need, even when you don't ask for it. I'm hoping it will work out like that for us in another aspect of our lives. You know what I'm talking about. ;)

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