Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Magazine - Adopting at 55

We've chosen independent domestic adoption, which means we are trying to find a girl or woman from the United States who would like to consider adoption for her child. Still, I love stories. And one of the more recent adoption stories I ran across was one about a lady named Joyce. At 55, she decided to adopt two sisters from Ethiopia. 

Their mother died of AIDS, and their father is HIV-positive but the girls are healthy. Says Joyce, "The choice I've made to adopt is one that few of my over-50 friends would make - and one that I wrestled with for more than a decade. I have no idea where I am headed or what my life will look like when I get there. I just know that once I put my arms around these two girls ... I'll be embarking on an adventure that's as challenging as launching a raft into Class 5 rapids but a lot longer lasting. Sink or swim, no turning back."

The article was published in the September 2010 issue of More Magazine. I cut it out and it is now housed in a folder that holds many articles about adoptions - both domestic and international.

I love the picture of the three of them on the table. The girls have left a continent to move to a place unfamiliar to them both - but there's no fear in their eyes. They're warriors, the three of them. 

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