Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birth Mom Blog

I'm really not sure what the correct term is for a woman who is pregnant and chooses adoption for her child. I've heard "birth mom" and "first mom." A lot of the birth mother blogs I've run across take those terms to heart and feel they carry a negative connotation. I want to respect those who've chosen adoption for their children - and I know you can't please everyone - but don't quite know what an acceptable term would be. I welcome any insight!

Meanwhile, I ran across this blog by a gal who chose adoption for her child. She has a very open adoption with the adoptive family. I have only read a few posts but she says she talks about the negatives and the positives of adoption from the perspective of a birth mother.

Check it out and let me know what you think: Unexpected Stork

Again, I think it's so important that women who are pregnant understand all of their choices so they can make an informed decision about what to do. As I mentioned, we recently experienced a failed adoption (I hate that word! Anyone who wants to put a positive spin on that term is welcome to comment - fizzled adoption? How about practice adoption?). I was sad for a couple of days - and maybe a little angry - but I've come to terms with it pretty quickly and realize the best thing happened. I hope and pray that birth mother's family realizes what a blessing they have in their home and that they give that little girl everything she deserves in life, despite the obstacles presented by the community in which they live.

I believe if that birth mom had understood all of her options, she may not have found herself in the predicament that she was in - struggling at the last minute to match with a couple who could afford to pay a large sum of money in expenses, thinking she couldn't provide for the child. If she had taken the time to educate herself about all options, she might have made the decision that was right for her at an earlier stage in her pregnancy - then again, maybe not. Who can say. A woman can change her mind when reality hits, after all. As they say, that's our prerogative!

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