Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Boogie Shoes

I've mentioned on a number of occasions that I work from home. I chose to work from home so I could provide a loving, stable home for an adoptive child. Working from home provides flexibility, saves money (because I'm not driving back and forth to work) and I think more productive. Plus you get to work in your pajamas, unless you have a Skype meeting. Though me and my boss have a Skype meeting every Friday in our pajamas.

The one thing I find challenging about working from home is staying motivated to exercise. I do some form of exercise almost every single day. Most of the time, it's a walk outside or on the treadmill. Other days, it's yoga (did I mentioned I'm in a yoga teacher training program?). I also keep three-pound weights by my desk so I can get up every once in a while and give my arms a mini-workout. But staying motivated to do all that requires .... you guess it ....

My Boogie Shoes

I used to get dressed and head downstairs to my office in my slippers. But I found my slippers are so comfortable that I'm not motivated to get up and exercise. I've started a new routine now. I get dressed every morning and dash downstairs in my Boogie Shoes! They're cute. They're fun. They're just the thing to get me up off the chair ... and onto my treadmill at various intervals!

Funny how a pair of tennis shoes can make all the difference in the world, huh. And did you know walking is one of the best exercises if your pregnant? Just saying. Of course, check with your doctor first. Heck, your doctor might just want you to take a load off. If so, then definitely grab your slippers.

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