Monday, January 16, 2012

Follow-up to the Failed Adoption

I think I forgot to follow up on our failed adoption. Failed adoption is such a negative term, don't you think? It wasn't really a fail for us - it was a learning experience. But I do have to say it was heart breaking for me and I've been a little off-kilter ever since. I'll get back on track, though, with a little time. In fact, today we picked out a color for the nursery walls - a warm, whimsical and inviting color. I can't wait to pull out the paint roller!

Our attorney called us yesterday to tell us that he had followed up with the birth mother. She's going to keep the baby. Why didn't they say that in the first place and prevent all of the heart ache and stress they caused me and Robert? I guess we are all only human, after all. We faced some tough decisions over the past few days - and I missed my yoga teacher training because we thought we would be driving to Florida. That means I won't graduate for another year because I'll have to make this weekend up. But I refuse to think of it as a negative. When I make this weekend up, I'll meet all new students ... and might retain a friend or two.

Regardless, if raising the baby on her own is what the birth mom wants, then that's what's best for the child. I wish her and her baby the best of everything.

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