Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8 Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine's Day

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I pretty much Love Valentine's Day. Even way back when I was single, I'd pick another single out of the crowd and shower them with gifts of candy, flowers and cards. I'd also do something special for myself ... a favorite meal, a small gift for myself, even just an evening to myself. It's a day to tell someone that they are special to you...and don't forget yourself!

This year, Robert and I celebrated Valentine's Day in a few different ways:
  • Sent boxes of candy to our nieces and nephews (complete with confetti)
  • Went shopping and bought a gender-neutral crib and dresser for the nursery
  • Robert bought me lots of Bath and Body Works bubble bath
  • I bought Robert lots of candy (non-chocolate, of course, because he's allergic)
  • Presented each other with cards and showered each other with kisses this morning
  • Called my mom and dad, whose anniversary is Valentine's Day (you should see their wedding pictures ... red velvet bridesmaid dresses!)
  • (We will) prepare a lovely meal tonight of grilled salmon, salad and Dave Matthews' Dreaming Tree wine Crush 
  • A night of pre-recorded Grammys, Downton Abbey and the Baftas
And it's only 8:30 in the morning!

When we finally have the opportunity to adopt, we plan to share Valentine's Day - and many holidays - with our child. After all, holidays are a reason to celebrate and to mark each other as important. It's an excuse to stop and take a look at what you have ... and to be thankful for all the gifts that life provides.

What are you doing to celebrate your loved ones - and yourself - this Valentine's Day?

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