Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Days are Do Nothing Days

We've had the best weekend so far ... we've done absolutely nothing! Sometimes do nothing days are the very best days, don't you agree?

Yesterday we laid around all day in our pajamas, watching garbage television, skimming Facebook, reading and lying around with the dogs. I journaled and flipped through magazines - Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living and Yoga Journal - dreaming about new wall colors and furniture, and brushing up on the latest yoga news. In fact, I didn't get out of my pajamas until around 5:00, when I took a bath with Bath & Body Works Vanilla Verbena foam bath and a candle. (I love Bath and Body Works' aromatherapy line.) Gosh I'm starting to sound like a dang commercial!

We both went to bed around 9pm and woke up this morning to a day of sunshine. It is absolutely beautiful in Virginia today! It's around 50 degrees and sunny. There's not a cloud in the sky. Robert is playing in a soccer scrimmage this afternoon so I plan to join him at the park. I'll probably walk around the fields to get some exercise then hang out and watch. I may actually take pictures if I can get close enough to the goal!

Do nothing days are the best for recharging your batteries. Do nothing days are a way to give yourself some love - to tell yourself that you are important. What have you done for yourself lately? Have you had a do nothing day?

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