Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adventures in Dining

Last night, Robert and I dined at a local restaurant that serves organic, free-range and hormone-free foods paired with wines and beers from local wineries and breweries. It was Friday night and the one-room restaurant was quite the scene.

As you've probably figured out, Robert and I like to get out and about, experiencing the local culture and just basically seeing what's out there. We've often wondered if that will change once we adopt. Our answer comes by watching and learning.

Last night, while we waited to be sat at our table, we shared lounge seats with a large family. Two of the men were holding babies. At an adjacent table sat another couple with a little girl who looked to be about four years old. And, after we sat down, yet another couple sat next to us with three kids ranging in age from about 12 to 2. Enough said.

The secret? Selecting carefully. This very cool and trendy restaurant welcomes kids. And so it attracts couples who like to get out and about ... with their kids of all ages. After all, who wants to sit around and watch TV all the time?

Not us.

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