Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Shows We Watch

Robert and I aren't really television surfers. We do have a few shows that we absolutely love (thank goodness for DVR).

Modern Family - I think Robert has a crush on Gloria. (Do you blame him?) Frankly, I have a crush on Cameron.

Jamie Oliver's American Road Trip - Jamie's cooking shows took my dinners to a new level. This show finds him traveling across America to discover how food and culture collide.

Sons of Anarchy - We cannot wait for Season 4. This show is about a motorcycle gang in California. Definitely not for wussies!

Parenthood - Robert doesn't watch this show (yet) but I can pretty much laugh and cry during every episode.

Bones - Our friend the microbiologist says the science on this detective series is retarded - but who cares when the characters are so cool!

The Fringe - Did you love the X-Files? Enough said.

True Blood - Another one that's not for wussies. I read the Sookie Stackhouse series and am now trying to keep up with Sookie's adventures when we get free HBO previews.

Sherlock Holmes - No, really. The British version of modern day Sherlock.

Downton Abbey - A British drama about a well-to-do family with sisters vying to get married so they don't lose the family fortune. Can you say Dynasty anyone?

Gosh, we watch a lot of television. I promise you we are really not that boring. :)

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